How it began

My story of golf begins as a freshman at Baldwin High School in northern Michigan. Sometime during baseball season, spring of 1993, my baseball coach, Coach Webster, told the team that he was trying to convince the school to field the first varsity golf team in the school’s history. He said that if any players on the baseball team would commit to playing on the golf team, it would make it easier for the school to say yes. Several of us players committed to the team, and coach’s genius efforts were rewarded handsomely! Baldwin would have a it’s first golf team, and he would be the coach.

But, wait a minute. I had never played golf before. I didn’t even own a single golf club. Honestly, I don’t know if I had even swung a club before! Coach agreed to build a budget set of clubs for me. He would buy the shafts, heads, and grips from a mail-order catalog, and put them together for me. What a great deal that was! Coach was growing the game of golf before it was cool! I forever will be thankful for Coach!

I am so glad I made the decision to play golf in high school! Golf is truly a sport that can be played for a lifetime! Whether playing competitively with friends, or just being able to sneak in 9 holes after work, golf is great! The game is so pure, it can be hard to explain to someone that has never played. The feeling of joy and accomplishment that comes along with playing golf is unique, and unmatched.

There are however, those times when it is easy to get frustrated. The ability to keep everything in perspective can dial you back in. Just remember, A bad day on the course or the range beats the snot out of any day at work! A positive mindset, that encourages learning from mistakes helps ease the discomfort of stinking at golf. There is always something to learn from each shot on the course!

If you want to get better at golf, the game will reward your effort. Just like the famous Gary Player once said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get,” It is true. The game mimics life itself so much, its lessons can be applied to real life scenarios in many different aspects.

Thanks for stopping by to support my efforts! Every click on this website encourages me to keep going and keep sharing my journey.

Keep on findingthecup!

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