a bucket of balls…

Some people think it’s a waste of time. In my mind, that’s foolish thinking. There’s been many times that I’ve chosen to play 9 instead of a bucket of balls. I rarely used to hit a bucket of balls. This year is starting out a little bit different. At the members scramble in the fall,Continue reading “a bucket of balls…”

Thanks for golf! ⛳️

Winter weather has set in, and it seems that another golf season may have blown in and out already. I’m thankful to have played this game for another year! I may have played more golf this year than most of the other years in the history of forever! I feel there have been some improvementsContinue reading “Thanks for golf! ⛳️”

How it began

My story of golf begins as a freshman at Baldwin High School in northern Michigan. Sometime during baseball season, spring of 1993, my baseball coach, Coach Webster, told the team that he was trying to convince the school to field the first varsity golf team in the school’s history. He said that if any playersContinue reading “How it began”

Save money on gas

I just thought everyone could use a break at the pump. The GetUpside app provides discounts on gas and food and other stuff Download it today and see what offers are available in your area! USE CODE: DBS84 Get at least $0.15/gal off your first fill-up! Comment below how much money you save! Also pleaseContinue reading “Save money on gas”

Teeing it up!

Stepping up to that first tee is an experience unlike any other. It’s all eyes on you. Nowhere to hide. Will this one swing determine the outcome of your entire round? Striping one down the middle of the fairway would feel a lot better than slicing one in the hazard! Before all of that, youContinue reading “Teeing it up!”