a bucket of balls…

Some people think it’s a waste of time. In my mind, that’s foolish thinking.

There’s been many times that I’ve chosen to play 9 instead of a bucket of balls. I rarely used to hit a bucket of balls.

This year is starting out a little bit different. At the members scramble in the fall, I got a range punch card for a very decent price. I’ve held it securely in my wallet throughout the entire winter. That thing was able to experience my first time ever playing golf in Florida with me! Comment below if you’ve ever played golf in Florida…

Anyway… sorry… I got distracted…. lol.

What I’m trying to say is that… so far this year, hitting a bucket of balls occasionally is helping. I try to hit my range balls with a purpose. Today, it was mostly set-up alignment. Building confidence in the fact that, where I’m aiming, is where I think I’m aiming.

I’m learning the feeling of each miss and strengthening the muscle memory of the ones that went where they were supposed to.

Another great benefit has been the mindset. I’ve started to turn off my brain the split second before take away. I have a specific thought that I know is the last one before my swing. My goal is to let the muscle memory take it from there. Brain break, every swing!

I’ve been shooting my best golf yet this week, and I’m curious to know how much better my play can become, because of a bucket of balls.

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much! You’ve made my day! I hope you enjoyed my little story. I always say I should do this more, and I should.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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