Thanks for golf! ⛳️

Winter weather has set in, and it seems that another golf season may have blown in and out already.

I’m thankful to have played this game for another year! I may have played more golf this year than most of the other years in the history of forever!

I feel there have been some improvements to my game this season. The most significant gains have been putting and chipping around the greens. I have seen some distance improvement with my driver. Unfortunately, sometimes that just means further O.B. when the hook or slice shows up for dinner!

Just a little quick update to say Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading!

Oh yeah, and…..

if you buy thru any of the links on my page I may receive compensation… but there’s some good deals going on right now!

especially lagshot (starting tomorrow)

Also my Proud 90 shirt and q-zip are so comfortable to wear… check them out. They are having good offers as well!

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